Donate Breast Milk

 Become a donor at San Jose Mothers’ Milk Bank

1. Are you a lactating mom?

2. Do you have frozen breast milk that you wish to donate?

If you answered YES to either question call 805-541-1475 for more details. Simply Mama in San Luis Obispo is a milk depot for the San Jose Mother's Milk Bank.

The Mothers Milk Bank (MMB) 501C(3) of San Jose, is a pioneer in:

social justice as a women's/children's advocacy organization helping to provide all babies with human breast milk, breast feeding mothers, and those in need of human milk. MMB SJ services 63% of all hospital NICU in California. We have been on the front lines of equity and access to breast milk for over forty years. We are FDA approved, safe and have a proven history of helping the most vulnerable babies grow.

What we do for babies+mothers/NICU’s/Infant Units:

  • Have a 24-hour turnaround in safely screening donors to get milk to infants

  • Have a record of 24 hours Hospital grade/appropriate FDA approved milk for your use in hospitals and for families

  • Bring 40 years as a leader/gold standard in feeding infants to health and best weights.